4/30 Update

Some time has passed since the last update, but rest assured that things have been moving behind the scenes! Since our last update, we've made the following changes:


  • 4 brand new levels, accessible from the also-new level select screen
  • A new single player level
  • Entirely new environmental art
  • A warning indicator when the bomb approaches a shrine
  • Unity Analytics to guide future development
    • A button on the main menu to opt out of analytics


  • Players no longer drop their fish when hit with a fish
  • Players can no longer drop their fish when not at a basket
  • Players can now steal fish from opponents with the unarmed attack
  • Platforms are easier to drop through
  • Jumping while partway through a platform no longer causes higher vertical acceleration

Thank you for playing and we hope you continue to enjoy Kakatte Koi Yo!


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May 01, 2019

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