Kakatte Koi Yo! Early Access Launch

Kakatte Koi Yo! begins its early access development cycle. We've decided to charge $5 as we promise to regularly update the game with new features and fish.  The game is also available on Steam so if you've donated to us previously, no matter the price, feel free to message us for a steam key.


On the list of changes this version brings

-Added the Taiyaki Ice Cream Fish that sends out an ice mine, freezing opponents who make contact with it.

- 4 brand new levels and adjustments to previous ones along with some new music

- Re-tuned player movement and added a dashing mechanic to the player

- new hit effects like hit stop and hit sparks

- bug fixes

The webgl version will remain the old June 2019 build until we can prepare a proper demo version of the game


Kakatte Koi Yo_2020-01-16.zip 56 MB
37 days ago

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